The Old lodge prior to demoliton

Hill view of the Lodge and entrance.
Looking uphill at cabins and lodge.
View from Marina.
The ragged looking Marina and bay point.
Weeds and Trash rock/concrete.

Pre-demolition of cabins and views of property.

Marina point looking at the entire site.
The old steep side bank, severe erosion problems at the springs. A good view of the old cabins.
The ragged point and bank of the springs and marina.

The cottonwoods cabins above the springs.

Demolition of the 16 cabins surrounding the Lodge

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

Demolition of the cabins and lodge.

Lodge demolition

This is a 50,000 lb. excavator on top of the old lodge!
Looking out the window of the excavator on top of the old lodge rubble.

Burning of the lodge and cabins

The cottonwood cabins

The main lodge.

south side cabins

Transforming the debris into fresh building sites.

The first cuts to drop the bank.
We took out @ two dozen old rotten cottonwood trees.
We leveled up the lower bay that was full of trash and thistles.

The concrete and ashes from the old lodge.

Springs Bank excavation and rock prep for rip rap.

We moved out 1200 loads of dirt; @ 16,000 yards.
We dug for about 1 month in mid oct to mid november.
It took two excavators, 3 trucks, and a cat loader.

Shoreline Rip Rap reclamation project

Careful prepartion of bedding and placement of rocks by GaryCooper.
The old shore was very suseptable to continuing wave erosion.
The steep hill that allowed severe water runoff was leveled. Then 1300 tons of rock was embeded back into the banks.
We cut the steep slopes around the perimiter of the shorline.
The rip rap and shallow gradiant of the new slopes will eliminate silt runoff into the springs

Ice Fishing and winter come to the springs.

The ice froze over the 20th of november allowing Thanksgiving Fishing! New rip rap to protect the erroding banks of Staley by Mt. Valley Excavation
Harbor point is now protecting the marina, with new rocks along the shore.
Dad is filming his son's catch of a beautiful 10 pound fish. We all went and looked!
Twin excavators hard at work beating the frost, while the lake level is down 30 inches.